CEILING LIGHTS : 1000 - 1300mm / 39.25 - 51"


Custom Size

All Charles Edwards designs are available in custom sizes.

For a quotation and lead time please supply the overall measurements required. Please include how the design should be scaled: for the whole design to be scaled proportionally, or for only a particular dimension to be rescaled. Please note all dimensions stated on the website are the maximum overall dimensions, and on hanging lanterns include the loop which attaches the lantern to the chain. A technical drawing can be provided for annotation upon request.

The total weight of the design should be considered when scaling dimensions up, and the aesthetic of the bulb fittings when scaling a design down. The number and type of bulb fittings can be specified, or the showrooms can advise you on this technical specification. An approximate weight will be given with the quotation.

For quotation please indicate the desired finish if known. Different finishes may determine a different construction of a design, which may affect the price and lead time. This is especially relevant for a Chrome finish, or a combination of metal and, or paint finishes.

The lead time for custom sized designs is generally 8 - 16 weeks. Please let us know if you are working to a particular date and we shall endeavour to achieve this.

You can use the enquiry form on each product page, or you can:
call +44 (0) 20 7736 8490
email enquiries@charlesedwards.com, or fax +44 (0) 20 7371 5436 for quotation. We aim to provide quotation within 48 hours.

Tiered Designs

Hanging lanterns, shades and chandeliers can be customised to hang from a larger, smaller, or design of the same size.

For a quotation and lead time please state the number of tiers, size and reference of lantern design(s) and either the overall drop, or the distance between each tier.

Please note if you prefer rods between the tiers, that the length of the rod cannot be adjusted onsite and a precise measurement will need to be agreed to commence the order. Alternatively chain can used between the tiers which can be adjusted onsite as required providing sufficient electrical cable has been allowed for.

Consideration should be paid to the overall weight of the design and to access for cleaning and bulb changing when creating a tiered construction. Our sales team and workshop will work with you to ensure the right result for you.

The lead time for tiered designs is generally 8 −16 weeks. Please let us know if you are working to a particular date and we shall endeavour to achieve this.

Please email enquiries@charlesedwards.com with the annotated Tiered Lantern PDF, or fax + 44 (0) 20 7371 5436 for quotation. We aim to provide quotation within 48 hours.

View Ceiling Lights by Height

Over 1300mm / 51"
1000-1300mm / 39.25-51"
700-1000mm / 27.5-39.25"
500-700mm / 19.75-27.5"
400-500mm / 15.75-19.75"
300-400mm / 12-15.75"
200-300mm / 8-12"
100-200mm / 4-8"
Under 100mm / 4"



- We recommend leaving a minimum head clearance of 7ft (approx. 2m) under all ceiling lights.

-Above dining tables and kitchen islands we suggest the bottom of the light is a minimum of 36"/ 910mm above the table surface.

-For chandeliers, shades and lanterns, please allow for one link of chain and the canopy height in your calculations, which will be a minimum of 3"/ 80 mm.





Star Pagoda Bell Porch
Clover Troubadour Walpole
Gothic Pineapple Blake
Hoop Narrow Hoop Ophelia
Pentagonal Whitehall Round Whitehall Spike
Lattice Hexagonal Blake Savoy
Carousel Treaty Port Hexagonal Treaty Port



Round Stepped Deco Square Stepped Deco Wilby
Buchanan Buchanan With Buchanan With New
  Tole Shade Lights Pyramid Shade Lights
Buchanan With Eltham  
Silk Tole Shade Lights    








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