Bathrooms in the UK and Europe are divided into IP zones.

IP44 is a technical definition of ‘waterproof’. We recommend this rating for bathroom and exterior lighting, where there is exposure to moisture.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is followed by two numbers. The first numeral following IP denotes the degree of protection against the intrusion of solid objects and the second numeral denotes the degree of protection against water in electrical enclosures.

An IP44 rating denotes that the electrical enclosure is protected against solid foreign objects greater than 1mm and splashing water. Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

Bathrooms in the UK and Europe are divided into IP zones, for reference a diagram is provided below. We recommend that the installing electrician advise the IP rating required to ensure the suitability of the light.


UK & European Bathroom Zones


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IP44 - Water-Resistant Bulb Fittings


Suitable for environments with exposure to moisture including bathrooms and outdoors, Charles Edwards IP44-water-resistant bulb fittings are available on all Charles Edwards lighting designs.

Designed to look like either a clear candle bulb, or a clear golf ball bulb, there is no compromise to the look of the light when specifying the fitting.

The hand-blown clear glass casing protects an easily replaceable halogen bulb, offering a 30% energy saving compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.


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We select the most appropriate version of the fitting for your chosen light design. All fittings are made in England.

Clip-on shades can also be used with the fitting.

Suitable for all countries the IP44 fitting is available in both a 220-250V and low voltage 12V version. 12V requires a transformer not supplied.

On designs with French Candles the tapering candle arm (shown on the right) will need to be replaced with the straight candle arm (centre) to accommodate the fitting.




Wiring for North American Bathrooms


We offer a range of electrification options including Dry and Damp UL listed, and our IP44 fitting (non-UL). Please seek the advice of your installing electrician to ensure the correct specification for the location of the fixture.

The Bathroom Guide on the product page states the UL options we offer as standard for the fixture. Other ratings may be possible with modifications.


Widely adopted as standard in North America, UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc an independent product safety testing and certification organization.

Specific to lighting, UL requires a luminaire to be marked for a dry, damp, or wet location.

Dry Locations:
A location not normally subject to dampness, but may include a location subject to temporary dampness, provided ventilation is adequate to prevent an accumulation of moisture. (A common application of this concept would be a dry-location luminaire installed above a mirror or vanity in a bathroom.)

Damp Location:
An exterior or interior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture in, on, or adja- cent to, to the luminaire.

Wet Locations:
A location in which water or other liquid can drip, splash, or flow on or against electrical equipment. [A common application of this concept would be a luminaire installed in a shower, where it is in close proximity to steam and water splash must be a damp- or wet-location luminaire].

Further information can be found on


Rest of the World Wiring Options


Please seek the advice of your installing electrician to ensure the correct specification for the location of the fixture and state this with your enquiry. Our sales team will advise you of the options available.


PLEASE NOTE: These notes are for guidance only. Charles Edwards accepts no responsibility for any installation using the above diagram and the final decision on installation remains with the installer.




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