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Product SU • 488

The crystal drops hang from silk flex which can be specified at different lengths. The overall dimensions listed can be customised. Please specify the overall height and width required.


  Inches Millimeters
Height 48 1220
Width 31.5 800
Central Ceiling Plate:    
Height 3.5 91
Diameter 9.75 248
Crystal Drop:    
Height 7.75 199
Diameter 2.75 72

Flex Ceiling Connector
Diameter 0.75 20
Weight 10 kg 23lb
Bulb 7 x LED
Standard Glass Cut Glass

Please specify the overall height you require for this fixture, as the rod lengths can be altered.
Please ensure the ceiling plate is sufficient for your installation needs and covers the J-box (US only).

All items are handmade and may vary slightly from dimensions stated.

Available in a wide range of hand finishes, or any paint colour.

See all finish options at

Suitable for interior and bathroom use.

For a current lead time and quotation please contact:
+44 (0)20 7736 8490

582 & 575 King's Road London SW6 2DY