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A wide range of custom glass colours are available for specification. We advise selecting a darker glass colour with texture to diffuse the light. Contact the showroom for samples for approval.

MONSTER :: Product HL • 18 • MO

  Inches Millimeters
Height 48.5 1235
Width 46 1170
Weight 45 lb 20 kg

Bulb: 1 x E26/E27 100W max

LARGE :: Product HL • 18 • LG

  Inches Millimeters
Height 30.75 780
Width 29.25 740
Weight 20 lb 9 kg

Bulb: 1 x E26/E27 40W max

SMALL :: Product HL • 18 • SM

  Inches Millimeters
Height 15.75 395
Width 13.75 345
Weight 5 lb 2 kg

Bulb: 1 x E26/E27 25W max

Suggested canopy design: Star

Please ensure ceiling plates are sufficient for your installation needs and cover the J-box (
US only)

Height includes loop which attaches to chain. Supplied with 1 meter/ 40” of chain finished to match.
Additional chain, or a straight rod instead of chain may be specified.

All items are handmade and may vary slightly from dimensions stated.

Available in a wide range of hand finishes, or any paint colour.

See all finish options at

Suitable for interior, bathroom and exterior use.

For a current lead time and quotation please contact:
+44 (0)20 7736 8490

582 & 575 King's Road London SW6 2DY