Please note chain is only offered with hanging lights, we do not sell it separately. 

For exterior lights we offer wind chains. Please visit our Wind Chain Page for more detail.

Image 1: Standard Chain. As standard all hanging lanterns, hanging chandeliers, and hanging shades are supplied with 1 meter (40”) of size appropriate chain, finished to match the light. Additional chain may be specified at time of order.

Chain is adjustable in length and can be amended on site. Please note only an additional 1 meter (40”) of flex (electrical cord) longer than the length of chain will be supplied as standard, unless otherwise requested.

Image 2: Minimum chain length. As standard all chain can be reduced to 1 link in length for standard canopy connection.

Image 3: Fixing Option F: Customised Canopy: Canopy with Quick Link Loop (no Chain required):

For spaces with limited height, we offer a custom canopy loop which attaches direct to the lantern loop. No chain is required for this connection. Chain can also be added to this connection if required.

Image 4: Additional chain connection ball

Before ordering additional chain, please check if the electrical cable on the lantern is long enough for install. If not, rather than rewire the fixture you can order a connection ball finished to match your chain, to hide an electrical connection on the chain. Please see instructions here

To order additional chain we need to know the original order number of the fixture as heavier fixtures may have welded chain, whilst lighter fixtures will have open link chain.

If the chain is open link, and can therefore be adjusted on site, only the additional chain length required need be ordered.

If the chain is welded the whole length should be ordered, or the welded chain can be joined with the use of a quicklink (a special link of chain that can open and close).




All hanging lanterns and hanging chandeliers can be ordered with straight rod instead of chain. Rod can be finished in any Charles Edwards metal or paint finish.

For hanging shade lights please visit our Hanging Shades page

To specify rod for hanging lanterns and chandeliers please state the total drop from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture required, also stating your chosen ceiling canopy design.



The rod supplied will be approppriate for the size and weight of the hanging fixture. Please note in some cases the use of rod will affect the overall weight of the design stated on the website.

Owing to shipping standards, rod will be supplied in maximum 2 meter/ 78” lengths, with discreet joins for longer drops, unless specified otherwise.

For outside use a fixed rod can be specified with a hanging design to stop movement. Please visit our Fixed Rod & Wind Chains Page.

For use on a ship, a fixed rod can be specified with a hanging design to stop movement. For further information please contact the showroom referencing the lantern design. Also visit our dedicated Yacht Page

Please note rod is only offered with hanging lights. We do not sell it separately.




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