Custom Size

All Charles Edwards designs are available in custom sizes.

For a quotation and lead time please supply the overall measurements required. Please include how the design should be scaled: for the whole design to be scaled proportionally, or for only a particular dimension to be rescaled. Please note all dimensions stated on the website are the maximum overall dimensions, and on hanging lanterns include the loop which attaches the lantern to the chain. A technical drawing can be provided for annotation upon request.

The total weight of the design should be considered when scaling dimensions up, and the aesthetic of the bulb fittings when scaling a design down. The number and type of bulb fittings can be specified, or the showrooms can advise you on this technical specification. An approximate weight will be given with the quotation.

For quotation please indicate the desired finish if known. Different finishes may determine a different construction of a design, which may affect the price and lead time. This is especially relevant for a Chrome finish, or a combination of metal and, or paint finishes.

The lead time for custom sized designs is generally 8 - 16 weeks. Please let us know if you are working to a particular date and we shall endeavour to achieve this.

You can use the enquiry form on each product page, or you can:
call +44 (0) 20 7736 8490
email, or fax +44 (0) 20 7371 5436 for quotation. We aim to provide quotation within 48 hours.

All table lamps are available in the metal, paint, or glass colour of your choice.

Table Lamps are provided with 2 meters / 80” of flex with switches placed 30cm/ 12” from the Lamp base unless specified otherwise.

Upon request most table lamps for use in the UK, or US can have a switch on the lamp-holder in addition, or instead of, a switch on the flex. Table Lamps for use in the UK are provided with a 13-amp plug (with 3-amp fuse) unless specified otherwise.

We use the most discreet match of flex, switch and plug to your chosen finish. If you prefer a different flex, you may specify this at time of order. VIEW FLEX


Rock Crystal Ball Deco Urn Padua
Orrery Peyton Claw
Glass Column Richmond with Paw-Foot
  Glass Shade  
Aphrodite Urn Glass Ball Scissor Desk
Double-Arm Palmer Palmer with Broker's Desk
with Glass Shade Pinprick Shade  
Single Partner's Desk Smooth Spun Desk  








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