Tiered Greenwich Lantern

Hanging lanterns, chandeliers and shade lights can all be customised to hang in a tiered configuration, perfect for double height spaces or stairwells.

You can combine the same design, different sizes, or different designs with as many tiers as you like. When you have made your selection, our sales team can provide a quote for consideration and once you decide to proceed the design team will create a CAD drawing for your approval.

Tiered designs can be made with either rod or chain linking between the lights. Chain is adjustable on site whilst rod requires a precise measurement which is required to commence production.

Located on the rod, or chain a discreet and decorative connector ball allows for the electrical connection between each tier. This connector ball allows for the tiered light to be packed, shipped, and assembled tier-by-tier for easy install.

When considering the formation of the design and your choice of finish, attention should be paid to access for maintenance. We can work with you to specify a suitable winch where required.

You may specify any of our ceiling canopy designs with a tiered design. We treat the ceiling fixing of tiered lights as unique to each project and ask for the details of the ceiling to ensure compatibility. Please ensure that the ceiling is suitable for the weight of the fixtures.

We have designed tiered lights for a wide range of projects all with unique requirements, including hanging from skylights and allowing for each tier to be lit separately from the other tiers.

The lead time for a tiered design is generally around 10 weeks. Please let us know if you are working to a particular date and we shall endeavour to achieve this.

For quotation please annotate our HANGING TIERED DESIGN PDF and email it to your account manager or enquiries@charlesedwards.com.

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