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Design to last a lifetime

Inspired by antique pieces our collection has a timeless aesthetic, not subject to fleeting trends. Each fixture is made to the highest standards with high quality materials. It is usual to find fixtures in use for decades, with many customers taking a fixture with them when they move, or passing it down through the generations. Our repair and refinish service allows for a piece to be rejuvenated rather than discarded, providing a new chapter to the life of the product.

Charles Edwards sitting in the King's Road Showroom window

Made to order and exclusive distribution

Charles Edwards sells product directly without any distributors, through showrooms on the King’s Road, London. No stock is held of the designs, rather production is to order only, eliminating overstock waste and ensuring that each fixture has a use and a home.

Baby turtle on beach

Energy Efficiency and Light Pollution

All Charles Edwards fixtures are designed as mains voltage to be used with plug and play LED bulbs to ensure that the fixture can accommodate advances in bulb technology. Led bulbs with bespoke lumens are provided as standard in the UK and European markets to ensure a high quality light output with minimal energy consumption. Our custom electrification options allow for site specific tailoring of light output and light pollution accordingly. On previous projects for protected outdoor areas we have worked with independent testing bodies, achieving Dark Sky Certification and Wildlife Friendly Beachfront lighting (Turtle Friendly).

Genghis Gatepost Lantern by pond

Sustainable Materials

All Charles Edwards fixtures are made from the recyclable materials of brass and glass. Selected for their traditional use, brass and glass provide the products with a long-life span and have the benefit of being readily recyclable, with brass carrying scrap value, ensuring it will always be recycled rather then sent to landfill. Charles Edwards conforms to European WEEE regulations, ensuring safe and responsible collection/recycling of all electrical waste. Charles Edwards and all suppliers are RoHS and REACH compliant to EU legislative requirements, ensuring hazardous materials and substances are controlled or excluded from their manufacturing processes.

Cardboard box

Recyclable and Re‑usable Packaging

Charles Edwards packs all items in Furniguard, and cardboard, which can be re-used, or recycled respectively.

Ethical Standards

Even with hand made product there are multiple components and suppliers involved in each fixture, examples of bought components are sheet metal and electrical wires. Charles Edwards requires all suppliers to meet the following standards:

  • The use of forced or indentured labour of any kind is forbidden.
    All workers must be at least the local legal age, above the oldest compulsory school age, and at least 16.
  • Working conditions must be safe and healthy, with immediate access to first-aid facilities, adequate fire exits, clean water, clean restrooms, and safety equipment.
  • Normal hours should follow local limits or a maximum of 60 hours per week. Workers should have at least one day off per week.
  • Wages are to be set at or above the local minimum wage requirements for all hours worked, including overtime, and cannot be deducted as disciplinary action, except as prescribed by local law.
  • Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws specific to the country of manufacture/service.
  • Employment (salary, benefits, promotion, training, termination) must be based on merit and ability, not on beliefs or race.
  • Suppliers and subcontractors shall recognise and respect the right of employees to freely associate in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they are employed.

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