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Hanging Tole Shade Light

Hanging Tole Shade Light

Small Size in Brass and F&B 'Pitch Black' Eggshell Paint with Small Round Buchanan Ceiling Canopy

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Make this product your own by specifying the selections below. Please note that some options are included as standard. Before making your choices we recommend you fully explore the various finishes and other design options available. View our Finishes & Options pages.

Overall Height26⅛"665mm
Shade height9"230mm
Shade diameter at base20"510mm
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    Metal Finish

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    Please note not all metal finishes are recommended for all locations. Please select your preferred finish and we can advise options. Where applicable finishes will be quoted both with and without stove lacquer.

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          Metal Finish

          Handmade in brass, all designs can be finished in any of our metal finishes, or in any paint colour you wish to specify. For more information view our Metal Finishes page.

          Click to select finish.

          Any Paint Colour
          Antique Brass
          Distressed Gilt Lacquer
          Brushed Nickel
          Bright Silver
          Aged Silver
          Faux Zinc
          Underside Bronze
          New Bronze
          Patinated Bronze
          Faux Patinated Bronze
          Black Bronze
          Faux Black Bronze
          Powdered Bronze
          Pendant Loop & Chain (Option A)

          Hanging Shade Options

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          Overall drop from ceiling to bottom of fixture if known:


          Hanging Shade Options

          As standard hanging shades come with chain attached to the pendant loop (Option A), if you’d like to select a custom hanging options please choose from the options below. For more information view our Hanging Shade Options page.

          Click to select hanging shade option.

          Pendant Loop & Chain (Option A) (Standard)
          Pendant Loop & Separate Rod (Option B)
          Pendant with Hook (Option C)
          Fixed Pendant (Option D)
          Blake (CA • 425)
          Overall Height2⅛"55mm
          Overall Diameter4¾"122mm


          Our ceiling canopies are decorative plates that hide the mechanical fix which connects the chain from your hanging fixture to the ceiling. The choice of ceiling canopy is purely an aesthetic one, a suggested design is listed below. For more information view our Canopies page.

          Click to select finish.

          Blake (CA • 425) (Suggested design)
          Round Buchanan (CA • 445)
          Octagonal Odeon (CA • 450)
          Regency (CA • 428)
          Pineapple (CA • 427)
          Star (CA • 429)
          Gina (CA • 439)
          Adam (CA • 430)
          Pagoda Globe (CA • 444)
          Ashwell (CA • 431)
          Pagoda Bell (CA • 443)
          Bell Jar (CA • 433)
          Boston (CA • 434)
          Pagoda (CA • 442)
          Square Buchanan (CA • 446)
          Ella (CA • 438)
          Hexagonal Treaty Port (CA • 440)
          Cone (CA • 437)
          Carousel (CA • 435)
          Hexagonal (CA • 449)
          Gothic (CA • 426)
          Treaty Port (CA • 448)
          Basilica (CA • 432)
          Sunflower (CA • 447)
          Leaf (CA • 533)


          Other options and notes

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            Is this to match a previous project?

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              Overall Height37"940mm
              Shade height12⅛"310mm
              Shade diameter at base28¼"720mm


              Overall Height26⅛"665mm
              Shade height9"230mm
              Shade diameter at base20"510mm


              If you want to order this product in a custom size, or with a custom design detail, please click the ‘Select Custom’ button below and use enter your desired dimensions in the text box provided. Please see below some useful information on custom sizes.’

              Custom size notes

              All dimensions stated on the website are the maximum overall dimensions, and on hanging lanterns include the loop which attaches the lantern to the chain. Design elements such as finials, galleries and chimneys can be added, or removed as required. All items are handmade and may vary slightly from the dimensions stated.

              For a quotation and lead time please supply details of the customisation and total quantity required. Technical drawings of the standard designs are available for annotation from the sales team. Please indicate the desired finish if known, as different finishes may determine a different construction of a design, which may affect the price and lead time. This is especially relevant for a nickel, chrome, or combination of metal finishes. Please consider the total weight of the design when scaling dimensions up and inform the sales team of any weight restrictions. An estimated weight can be provided upon request.

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