Gilt Lacquer

Gilt Lacquer sample disc

Gilt Lacquer sample disc

Close-up of a Gilt Lacquer sample disc

Gilt Lacquer sample disc close-up

We use gold lacquers to create a smooth, bright highly polished surface.

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Exposure to moistureSuitable for exterior and bathroom use with stove lacquer

For environments with exposure to moisture, or for those who do not want to maintain periodically, we offer a stove lacquer; a clear protective coating baked on top of the finish.

Please note the lacquer will make the finish look glossy.


Un-lacquered: Maintain with periodic dusting only using a pure cotton cloth. Use no abrasive cleaners. Take care not to get glass cleaner on the gilt as the acid in the solution will attack the finish over time.

Stove Lacquered: Wipe clean with a damp pure cotton cloth and dab dry with a pure cotton cloth. Use no abrasive cleaners.


Handmade in brass, all designs can be finished in any of our metal finishes, or in any paint colour you wish to specify. Hand applied in our London workshop, subtle variations in tone are an inherent characteristic of our finishes, ensuring each piece is as unique as the interior scheme it is destined for.

Bespoke finishes and finish combinations are also available in a colour scheme of your choice. Work with our expert team to find the right finish for your project.

If you would like to view a finish in person but can not visit our showroom, please order a sample.

Paint colour samples, custom finish samples, archive finish samples and wood finish samples are available to order through your account manager.

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