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Combination Finish

Combinations of different metals, different paints or metal(s) and paint(s), can be specified on Charles Edwards designs. A technical drawing can be supplied for annotation to label with the colour combination you would like to achieve. Our inhouse finishing team review all requests and advise on the finish placement for the highest quality result.

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Metal & Metal

Each of our fixtures is handmade in brass, which other metal finishes are then applied to.

Some of the metal finishes, such as Silver and Nickel, will involve a plating process, where the frame is put into a tank for the metal to adhere to the brass. Elements of a fixture that do not come apart will have to go into the tank together, which may restrict the combinations possible. For example we can only achieve a brass and nickel combination on elements of a lantern frame that physically separate. It may be possible to redesign the frame assembly to achieve the combination you are after, or to create a custom finish to achieve the look required, so please state your preference on your enquiry and we will advise the various options possible.

Image shows Rumbold Wall Sconce with Shield Shades in Nickel and Black Bronze combination.

Metal & Paint

All our designs are made in brass which can have a different metal finish applied. In addition a paint finish can also be added for a finish combination. As paint can be masked the possible combinations and finish placements are much wider than on a metal & metal combination.

Image shows the Hanging Studded Tole Shade Light with Frosted Glass Diffuser in F&B ‘De Nimes’ Gloss Paint, Brass Balls and Stove Lacquered Aged Silver.

Paint & Paint

It is possible to combine two or more paint finishes. As paint can be masked, the possibilities are endless for the combination or placement on a design. You can combine paints with different gloss levels, such a matt finish on one part, and a gloss finish on another part. You may also combine paint colours from different suppliers, such as combining a Pantone reference with a colour from Benjamin Moore, or Farrow and Ball.

Image shows the Hanging Pagoda Bell Lantern in Pantone Light Green 340C Gloss Paint & Dark Green 342C Gloss Paint and Stove Lacquered Brass.

Wood Combinations

Wooden lanterns will have some metal elements, such as hinges and latches, along with other decorative detail. The metal elements are available in our full range of finishes. Alongside our wood finishes, wooden lanterns can also be painted, and are available to specify in a wood & paint, or wood, paint & metal combination.

Gilt, silver leaf and other custom finishes are popular on our Wooden Convex Mirrors and can also be specified in combination with our wood or paint finishes.

Image shows Wooden Mews Wall Lantern in ‘Mahogany’ and Nickel.


Handmade in brass, all designs can be finished in any of our metal finishes, or in any paint colour you wish to specify. Hand applied in our London workshop, subtle variations in tone are an inherent characteristic of our finishes, ensuring each piece is as unique as the interior scheme it is destined for.

Bespoke finishes and finish combinations are also available in a colour scheme of your choice. Work with our expert team to find the right finish for your project.

If you would like to view a finish in person but can not visit our showroom, please order a sample.

Paint colour samples, custom finish samples, archive finish samples and wood finish samples are available to order through your account manager.

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