Fixed Rod

Fixed Rod illustration

For particularly exposed exterior locations such as porches, verandas and pergolas, hanging lanterns can be adapted for use with a fixed rod to prevent any movement of the fixture in the wind.

A hanging lantern with fixed rod will prevent any swaying or rotation of the lantern. The fixture will be made with the lantern, rod and ceiling canopy as one rigid piece. The lantern’s loop and canopy loop will be removed from the design.


To specify a fixed rod for a hanging lantern please state the total drop from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture required, also stating your chosen ceiling canopy design. Please note the rod will not be adjustable in length onsite so a precise measurement will be needed to commence an order.

Wind may create force and distortion at different points on a lantern with fixed rod and each specified design will be reviewed individually by our design team to modify the frame as required to ensure suitability.

Elegant front door in London with Large Hanging Roofed Passage Lantern on a fixed rod

When you have made your selection of lantern and canopy, our sales team can provide a quote for consideration and once you decide to proceed the design team will create a CAD drawing for your approval.

Please note designs with fixed rods have a different installation to the standard canopy. Details of installation will be provided with the CAD drawing for approval.

Image shows a Large Hanging Roofed Passage Lantern with Small Blake Canopy and Fixed Rod in Chrome.

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